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Future Projects

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Igniting Water

Co-writer, Co-Director, Co-Producer
New York, NY, 2013
An amateur inventor gives up everything to recreate his father’s dream only to find out he is now the target of the same powerful organization responsible for the murder of both his parents.
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I Am He

Writer, Director, Producer
New York, NY, 2012
Updated version of Oedipus Rex set in the barrios of the Bronx and Brooklyn.

Ongoing Projects

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Kitty Bainbridge Is Dead

Writer, Director, Producer
New York, NY, 2011
Somewhere between the 1940's and the future, a stunning heiress is found lifeless in a bathtub and her devoted maid is accused of the murder. Two feuding reporters are led down a trail of lies and misrepresentations as they fearlessly cross and confront boundaries of gender, race, and sexuality in a search for the truth. Currently on the festival circuit.

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Past Projects

Misrepresentations (48 hour film project), 2008

New York, NY, Director, Writer, Producer
48 Hours is all you have to create, shoot and edit a 7 minute film based on a certain genre. A disbarred lawyer has more trouble on his doorstep. His son has come to meet him for the first time only to find out he is no longer the father he once knew. Misrepresentations are all abound.

Black Woman, 2007

New York, NY, Director, Writer, Producer
"Black Woman" is a humorous social satire that looks to entertain and ponder the subtle abuse and disrespect Black Women go through on a day to day basis. The film features a black Super-Heroine, who "saves the day" each and every time a situation goes bad. An entrepreneur sees the value in her fortitude and markets her services by making available the black super heroine to help customers cope with everyday pressures and to validate their lives.

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Equally Created (Documentary), 2006

New York, NY, Director, Writer, Producer
An intensive look at the stereotypical images portrayed through the media vs. the real images of an African American family.

Invader Falls, 2006

New York, NY, Assistant Director
Communication is interrupted by a powerful force that is looking to take over our lives. Unfortunately for her, she has mistakenly locked into the earth’s orbit instead of the planet that she was trying to dominate.

Soul To Keep (One person play ), 2004-2005

New York, NY Writer, Director, Producer, Actor
Festival Circuit (Estrogenius Sola Festival 2004; Midtown International Theatre Festival 2005, Double Helix Festival 2005) A new soul is about to become… Cal, the soul keeper, has come upon the biggest challenge of all his lives. With interference from Moses (Harriet Tubman, keeper of the higher ground railroad in the sky), Lucifer along with his Backup Bitches, and a cast of characters called “The Soultations”, Cal has begun the fight for a soul of his own.

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